Why Yak Expeditions?


We have been operating tours/treks/expeditions for almost two decades. This has given us considerable experience to maintain a balance between your budget and your comfort. We always short list the best possible choices for you and this includes managing exceptional accommodation, transportation and guides for your travel. Our guides/tour leaders are well versed, knowledgeable and intuitive to understand your basic requirements and needs during the trip. Any complaints will be well received and taken into consideration immediately. Yak Expedition comes from a country like Nepal where one cannot organize and manage tours without experience.

Team Expertise

The entire team that manages operations are experts. We have a team that is made up of travel writers, professional tour operators, Sherpas and excellent guides. The team focuses on making travel hassle free. This is the reason why we have innovation as our foremost motto..


We are one of the few tour operators who can actually boast about being “knowledgeable”. Because we have a wide range of professionals who basically work on research and knowledge, we are more on the grassroot level and therefore gain a huge amount of knowledge about travel destinations. We also understand cultures, traditions and our need to preserve and respect them. Our knowledge on climate change in the Himalayas is immense, thereby making us focus more on eco tourism.

Dedication to Sustainable Tourism

Whenever we make travel possible for tourists, we make sure that we employ local people so that we can give something back to the society. This is more evident during our treks, when we make use of local resources like lodges, guides and porters. This is in a small way, that we hope to give back to a society from whom we have taken so much and continue to receive much more.

Responsible Travel

When we travel, we ensure responsibility about what we do. While trekking, we do not light campfires on sanctuaries and reserves. We discourage littering and wasting water. Clean toilets are built during trekking and we make sure that we are far away from water sources while doing it. Even while washing out utensil, we spread the outflow of waste water, so that it gets filtered by the soil. This we do, because the mountains and its surrounding are sacred to us- a creed that we live by.

Personal Touch

Our group sizes are small enough so that we can take care of each and every traveler who travel with us. Each traveler is special to us and we make sure that no one feels neglected. Traveling can become messy with too many travelers at the same. Therefore our small group sizes ensure personal touch.

Safety & Comfort

The most overlooked aspect of travel is safety and comfort. While most companies are so busy with organizing the trip, they forget the main concern of any traveler in a new country is safety and comfort. That is why we pick the best accommodation, the best transportation and the best guide to accompany you on your journey.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A gripping fact in today’s times is the issue of climate change in the Himalayas. More than 30 billion people rely on the Himalayas for livelihood. What was once huge glaciers are now slowly melting away? Therefore as responsible tour operators, our primary concern has always been saving our natural environment. We travel responsibly but there are many more things to be done.We believe is getting more greener zones in the Himalayas and not disturbing its natural habitat. That is why we are working with conservation projects that plants trees and creates awareness to local people about the environment. We also discuss issues like energy consumption and keeping our surroundings smoke free to an extent that we can stop the steady progression of climate change in the Himalayas.We also spend a huge amount of our profits on conservation efforts that begins from education people, not just in the village but also in the cities.hope to give back to a society from whom we have taken so much and continue to receive much more.